New to Canada

If you’ve recently immigrated to Canada, your dream of owning property just might come true.

Even if you’ve only moved to Canada in the last 5 years, there are mortgage programs that can support your purchase for as little as 5% down. The approval process is unique, as a number of different things are verified, that aren’t with a standard mortgage: your permanent residence status, Canadian credit history (as established to date), and your access to employment.

Since mortgage brokers have access to a greater number of products, and individuals that are new to Canada have unique borrowing needs, it’s important to seek help from professionals like us.

We can also review your current purchase plans, and requirements to meet your future goals while residing in the country.  We can help ensure your transition to become a Canadian citizen is as seamless as possible.

Having a firm understanding of these potential costs is incredibly important and often overlooked.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are the type that intends to interact with individuals in your local community; your neighbourhood impacts the enjoyment of your home.  Knowledge is power, find out some of the things that you might not have thought to look for.

For most Canadians, buying a home means taking out a mortgage. A mortgage is money you borrow to buy
a home, using the home as security (or “collateral”) for the loan.

To help you protect that investment and find a safe, comfortable place for your family to call home, Premiere Mortgage Centre offers the following list of things you should look at before you buy a home, to make sure you won’t end up having to pay for of expensive repairs:

Anyone that has used a mortgage broker in the past understands just how valuable such a service provider is, whether you are buying your first home or renewing your mortgage.

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Home owners don’t always recognize that there are a variety of mortgage options available. Real estate financing isn’t a “one size fits all” thing, and no one should have to settle for that. When buying your first home, refinancing, or moving you should explore all of the options. We can help you find a mortgage that fits your lifestyle and financial needs. Contact us to get pre-approved.