Purchase Plus Improvements

Sometimes your perfect home is only going to be the vision of perfection once you’ve had some work done.

But, when you’ve just purchased a new home coming up with the cash for immediate renovations can be a major challenge. You may need to have the roof repaired, the flooring redone, or have the interior finishes remodeled. If you provide copies of certified quotes/contracts for the renovations and submit that with your mortgage application, you may qualify for a Purchase Plus arrangement that lends you the cash for the work at a mortgage rate. Effectively, you’re using the added equity that you’re creating by making upgrades to your newly purchased home.

To find the best option, contact us, as we can review the options available and determine what will best meet your long and short-term financial requirements.

Whether you are aware of it or not, your home may be using higher levels of energy than is really necessary.  Allowing your household to expend extra energy can have negative consequences on the environment, and on your wallet.

Buying your first home is exciting, but if you are not familiar with the process, it can also be overwhelming.

Having a firm understanding of these potential costs is incredibly important and often overlooked.

Working with a direct lender like a bank might feel more “conventional”, but the reality is that an independent third party can offer impartial advice. Plus, brokers have access to a much wider array of products.

Many of the 10 tips for a greener home outlined below can be done on a budget, or on a larger scale depending on your needs and intentions.

We live in a world that is filled with the uncertainty of what might happen. Life Insurance protects your loved ones in the event of your death. It can provide future income to your family if you were to pass away.

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Home owners don’t always recognize that there are a variety of mortgage options available. Real estate financing isn’t a “one size fits all” thing, and no one should have to settle for that. When buying your first home, refinancing, or moving you should explore all of the options. We can help you find a mortgage that fits your lifestyle and financial needs. Contact us to get pre-approved.